More Hap-pei Endings


DaisyDaisy (#433-11) Hi, my name is Daisy.

I am a new mini Pei arrival at MACSPRO. I am a sweet girl approximately three years old.

UPDATE: Daisey has been adopted by her foster family in Laytonsville, MD with a beautiful back yard andlots of love and care. (8/2011)

Bugsy BugsyBugsy (#423-11) Hi, my name is Bugsy.

This is Bugsy. He is a very gentle guy that got into some trouble with a Chow. Needless to say, the Chow won. He loves people and loves to play. He may have been a stray for a little while, but probably not for very long. He is a beautiful, very willing and eager guy.

UPDATE: Bugsy has been adopted! (8/2011) Bugsy was adopted by a family in Laytonsville, MD with large fenced in backyard, no other pets and older children. He is in seventh heaven running around his new yard!

SashaSasha (#431-11) Sasha Hi, my name is Sasha.

Sasha is a 32 lb mini-pei. Very small, very sweet verygentle. She loves people and other animals. She loves to play and when sheis happy her Shar-Pei dance is just so cute. Sasha comes to us fromFrederick County where her owner got evicted from his rental and gave her tothe neighbor. The neighbor is also renting and cannot keep her.

UPDATE: Sasha has been adopted! (7/2011)

MiyagiMiyagi (#430-11) Miyagi Hi, my name is Miyagi.

My mom Coco and I have been living under a picnic table. Sometimes I got so hungry, I stole my mom?s food. I love people, especially the kids that used to come around and play until the yard got too dirty. I am a charmer; come see me.

UPDATE: Miyagi has been adopted! (6/2011)

RushRushRush (#423-11) Hi, my name is Rush.

Rush is a very sweet, large (~65 pounds) one-year-old Shar-Pei with a beautiful coat. He gets along well with cats and most dogs. His family lost their home and he was scared in the shelter, but he warms up quickly to people (especially if they have treats!). He knows some commands, such as "sit", likes to play, and likes to ride (and nap) in the car, but may need some leash training. He would be delighted to have a loving home once again.

UPDATE: Rush has been adopted! (6/2011) Rush went to a great family from Indian Head, MD along with Max.

MaxMax (#428-11) Hi, my name is Max.

My previous owners moved and good not take me with them. I am housebroken, get along fine with other animals but have really never been around younger children. I was recently at the vet and was told I am in good health and a very nice boy. I am a bit nervous right now and didn't like being in a crate at the shelter, so the nice folks at MACSPRO took me in. Won't you please consider being my forever home?

UPDATE: Max has been adopted! (6/2011) Max went to a great family from Indian Head, MD. They are also fostering Rush.

WillWillPrince Will (#424-11) Hi, my name is Prince Will. I am a very special boy desiring a special family to love me. I promise to give you lots of love in return.
3/20/11: Willie is scheduled for his tumor removal (they think it is just a very large skin tag) and entropion surgery on the 31st. He is a very nice, smaller Pei and rather sad from losing his family, but doing better now. He does not appear to have any aggression toward other dogs.

2/27/11: I am a new arrival at MACSPRO and am going to the vet to get checked out. Please check back soon for updated information on me.

UPDATE: Prince Will has been adopted! (5/2011). He went to Baltimore to live with Sir Max and Sapphire, his new feline siblings.

MiaMia (#426-11) Hi, my name is Mia.

Mia is a 4-year-old Mini-Pei whose owner could no longer take care of her properly. She comes to us from the SPCA in Georgetown, DE. She is a pretty little girl, a little shy and nervous when she first meets people, but good with children and has lived with a toddler. She is good with some dogs, crate trained, house-trained, and knows basic commands. She also loves snow!

UPDATE: Mia has been adopted! (4/2011)

ColeColeCole (#420-11) Hi, my name is Cole.

Cole is a large, black horse cost male from West Virginia who has been around older children and cats. He is very friendly and sweet and loves to play so is looking for someone to play with. He is approximately 4 1/2 years old and is very gentle and would love a laid back home.

UPDATE: Cole has been adopted! (4/2011)

JakeJakeJake (#418-11) Hi, my name is Jake (FKA Raisin).

I am a sweet boy from KY and have been getting socialized over the last couple of months. I am a very gentle and handsome boy.

UPDATE: Jake has been adopted! (3/2011)

LuluLuluLulu (#421-11) Hi, my name is Lulu.

She comes to us from Fairfax, VA. Her mom lost her home and couldn?t keep her and step-sis any longer. She is a very laid back girl, but was not happy about being cooped up while she was recovering from having her entropion surgery, spay and dew claw removal. She loves to go for walks and loves to play and it looks like she will be OK in a multi-dog household.

UPDATE: Lulu has been adopted! (3/2011)

YoshiYoshiYoshi (#419-11) Hi, my name is Yoshi.

1-8-2011. Yoshi is a blue/gray meat mouth female. She is 3 years old and needs some leash training, but loves everyone. She is "blowing her coat" right now and looks a little like a moth eaten rug. As with all Shar Pei, the coat will come back and she will be a beautiful gal.

UPDATE: Yoshi has been adopted! (3/2011)

Karen and Al decided to adopt Yoshi after losing losing their beloved Bruiser, who stole their hearts back in 1999 when they came to MACSPRO looking for a Shar-pei. This is their update on how Yoshi is doing in April 2011.

Yoshi is doing SUPER!!! She follows us around like a shadow and lets us know when she has to go outside. She slept curled up in a ball in the corner in the bedroom last night. Her appetite is good and she hasn't barked once yet so we think she will be a quiet girl. She has a whole basket of toys and is taking them out of the basket one at a time to decide which ones she likes best. Thank you for letting us adopt her. She is what the doctor ordered and what we both needed. We will definitely give her a good and loving home.

Ti BerryTi BerryTi Berry (#416-11) Hi, my name is Ti Berry.

TiBerry is just the cutest little bundle of 35lb Mini-Pei you have ever seen. She is a three year old brush coat with gold tones. Her coat is so beautiful that it appears that she is wearing a mink coat! She is use to children but has never met a cat. She wants to be an only dog so that she can get all the love and attention. She greets all people as if she has known them all her life.

Her pictures to not do her justice at all. She is just gorgeous. Her former Dad is in the military and has been moved around quite a bit and could not take her when he was reassigned, so she would really like a good, stable home with Mom & Dad not travelling all over the world.

UPDATE: Ti Berry has been adopted! Her new parents took her for surgery and are now helping her get better. She is very happy in her new home. (1/2011)

Hi there. Ginger in front, Almond behind her.Play Time!Ginger (#412-10) Hi, my name is Ginger.

My sister Almond and I are currently recovering from kennel cough. I am an owner turn-in from PG County. I should be feeling better soon, so please come and visit me and consider being my new family.

11/28/10 update - I am feeling better and my kennel cough is almost gone. I am going to the vet soon for another checkup and to have my entropion surgery and to get spayed. I am doing great in my foster home.

11/29/10 - Updated pictures - twins! I am the one with the black nose. My sister, Almond, has the pink nose. Please consider adopting us together. We would be so thankful to go to our forever homes together and promise to give you double the love!

UPDATE: Ginger has been adopted! Ginger and her sister, Almond, have been adopted by their foster family. They are now living happily every after in the country with several cats and children to live them. We get to chase the geese around the pond but the geese know that we won't go in the water after them, so they sit there and quack at us. We are so happy! (1/2011)

Aren't we so cute? Almond on left, Ginger on right.Nap time! Almond on left, Ginger on right.Almond (#411-10) Hi, my name is Almond.

My sister Ginger and I are currently recovering from kennel cough. I am an owner turn-in from PG County. I am not feeling so great right now, but will be soon, so please come and visit me and consider being my new family.

11/28/10 update - I am feeling better and my kennel cough is almost gone. I am going to the vet soon for another checkup and to have my entropion surgery and to get spayed. I am doing great in my foster home.

11/29/10 - Updated pictures - twins! I am the one with the pink nose. My sister, Ginger, has the black nose. Please consider adopting us together. We would be so thankful to go to our forever homes together and promise to give you double the love!

UPDATE: Almond has been adopted! Almond and her sister, Ginger, have been adopted by their foster family. They are now living happily every after in the country with several cats and children to live them. We get to chase the geese around the pond but the geese know that we won't go in the water after them, so they sit there and quack at us. We are so happy! (1/2011)

BarneyBarneyBarney (#414-10) Hi, my name is Barney. I am a very gentle boy approximately one year old. I have beautiful white teeth so please come check out my smile. What I want more than anything is a family to love me and play with me. I promise to give you lots and lots of kisses and many great memories.

UPDATE: Barney was adopted! (12/2010)

TrooperTrooperTrooper (#408-10) Hi, my name is Trooper. I am a fawn 8 month old male. I love kisses and love to run and play. I need a forever home with someone who loves to jog, run and play. I am very smart and learn very quickly I need a patient teacher as I am a puppy. Can't wait to meet you.

UPDATE: Trooper was adopted! His new parents say he is doing great! He is the biggest sweetheart. He has been eating great. He loves to play and they are really enjoying him. He loves to give kisses and he likes to cuddle. He even slept through the first night. (11/2010)

PeanutPeanutPeanut (#409-10) My new name is Peanut! It was given to me because I am such a small little girl. I am very intelligent as the shelter workers were already teaching me commands in just three days. I never met a dog I didn't like. I am currently at the hospital being spayed and being thoroughly examined (even though I feel so good being out of the shelter). Please consider being a Guardian Angel to me if you can't find a place in your home for me.

UPDATE: Peanut has been adopted! She is living a life of leisure in PA with two other Shar-pei. She is a lucky gal and sure to have lots of fun with her new family. (11/2010)

CloudCloudCloud (#406-10)
My name is Cloud. I am only two years old and about 30-35 pounds. I come from Laplace, Louisiana. I am heartworm negative, have been spayed and had my eyes fixed so now I am looking beautiful and ready to go to my forever home. I am good with other dogs and love people. Please come and meet me.

UPDATE: Cloud has been adopted!! Cloud is now living in a retirement community with a retired couple and going for lots of walks. (11/2010)

BrandoBrandoBrando (#405-10) Hi: I?m Brando. I was found wandering around Baltimore and some nice person took me to a shelter where MACSPRO picked me up. I am a really sweet boy, very loving. I would really like a forever home of my home. Won?t you come see me?

UPDATE: Brando has been adopted! He is living in Maryland with a couple. He has already adjusted and is sleeping in his bed in the bedroom. Bet he'll be on the bed before long. He met his "grandparents" and everyone is getting along great. (10/2010)

RobinRobinRobin (#400-10)
I was pretty scared in the shelter but the MACSPRO lady came and visited me and gave me treats and I warmed right up. I even went and visited the dog right next to my cell (that was what it felt like) and he was a 100lb Pit Bull. They don?t know how old I am maybe 3-4 years old. I am in the hospital right now getting checked out and spayed so I will be ready to go in a short time. I had a good time riding in the car coming up to the hospital and didn?t give anyone any trouble. I even tried to kiss the lady who picked me up. Make sure you mention my name when you contact MACSPRO about adopting a Pei. I am a real sweet girl and will make a nice addition to your family.

UPDATE: Robin has been adopted!! She now has her very own 11 year old boy to love and be loved by as well as his mom and dad. Robin just knows she is going to love her new forever home!(10/2010)

Ava came from Pennsylvania. She is a mini Pei. Her nails were so long they were pressing against her pads and she could hardly walk. Now that she has had her eyes and nails done, she is very happy and affectionate. She loves her tummy rubbed. She gets along with dogs and cats and hasn�t made any mistakes in the house.

UPDATE: After a 5 hour drive, Ava was adopted by a family who have two young daughters, one huge lab and one black cat as big as Ava. They were so excited to get her that they were standing outside waiting. Ava seemed very happy to have two girls to play with. (8/2010)

BettyBettyBetty (#407-10)
My new name is Betty. I am named after the wonderful lady that drove all the way to the Ohio County Animal Shelter near Wheeling, West Virginia to save my life. I weigh 40 pounds and am approximately 4 years old. I am a beautiful and friendly pei that loves everyone. I am presently at a veterinary hospital to be checked out before they bring me to MACSPRO. I already have a foster home waiting for me. Won’t you consider giving me a forever home?

UPDATE: Betty was so taken by the family that came to see her that she left without even looking back.

Hi! I am Flower. I just came in from Greenville SC. I am a sweet young girl less than a year old and am loving the attention and good food. I am in need of a few baths to help my skin, entropion for my eyes and I need to be spayed. But I am finally here being taken care of and feeling much better. I would love to be part of your family.


UPDATE: Flower (now "Gracie") was having so much fun with her two Shar Pei foster brothers, Floyd and Andy, that she's become a permanent member of the family. (9/2010)

Hi, I am Moe and had to leave my home and family who I have lived with for five years. The little girl in our house you see has become allergic to me and so I couldn�t stay. I also lived with a 14 month old baby too. My family is sad and so am I but I am adjusting. I have had a couple of lunch dates with the crazy kennel ladies Marge and Kim who play with me and feed me to get me used to life in the kennel. I even jumped up on Kim�s lap. I love to play "froggy", as you can see, but I need someone to play with me. I am a healthy boy and up to dates on my shots, heartworm and neuter. I am ready to go to a family! Come meet me.

UPDATE: Moe has been adopted by a lovely lady and now lives with George the cat in Temple Hills, MD. (7/2010)

Hi, my name is Peaches and I love everybody. I have so much love in me that it is overflowing. I am good with most other dogs, I love to ride in cars. I can even help you drive by putting my head on your shoulder. I lost my original home but I am so happy to be healthy and cared for. I have to wear this collar for now as I have just had my eye surgery and I am not supposed to scratch my eyes. I really want a forever home. Please come and see me.

UPDATE: Peaches has found her peachy new home. (7/2010)

My name is Deja and I lived in Baltimore until my person lost his job and couldn't keep me. I like older children especially if they want to play ball with me. I like most dogs, except small ones. I have made some new dog friends at Debendale Kennel, but I would really like to have a forever home where I can sneak up on the couch and set beside you. Maybe Deja is looking for vous.

UPDATE: Deja is living in a new forever home in Upper Marlboro, MD and life is good. (6/2010)

Michael was found on the streets of the inner city in Baltimore. He was taken to a kill shelter and placed in a room with so many dogs that he was afraid to move from his position against the wall.. Once he had his first meal out of the shelter before going to the doctor he warmed up to the rescue worker and is an outgoing affectionate dog who is friendly with everyone. He is good with people, other dogs and with children.

UPDATE: Michael quickly found his forever home with Shar-pei experienced owners and even has a Shar-pei sister to play with. He was adopted on March 28, 2010

My name is Zoey. I was a stray and taken to the Fairfax Animal Shelter. Fairfax did surgery on me and after MACSPRO took over my care, I have also had entropian surgery. It has been wonderful! I am no longer walking into things and I can see. It makes me a very very happy and loving little girl. I'm an apricot with the prettiest face you've ever seen. I'm about 2 years old and have a very sweet personality and need to find a new home. If you would like more information about me, just contact MACSPRO, they will be happy to tell you more about this sweet girl.

Update on Zoey (pictures from her foster home): I have had my brow lift now and so I can see. I am having a great time at my foster home � experiencing a new world now that my vision is good. I am energetic and rambunctious and would do good in a family with older kids to play with me. I have had a rough time of my short life � please consider adopting me. I am a loving sweet girl.

UPDATE: Although Zoey's foster mom is very very sad to lose her, her new family in PA is very very happy to have found her. (3/2010)

Hi all, I am Lola. I had to come back to the kennel since my family�s baby has allergies. I was great with the baby (2 years old) and loved my family so I need a new family. Please consider adopting me. I am a really great dog.

UPDATE: Let the good times roll for Lola. She has found her new forever home in Northern Virginia. (3/2010)

I came to MACSPRO sick and very skinny and was told by the vets that I wasn�t very healthy but MACSPRO believed in me and found out that I just have Vitamin B12 deficiency. I just need a shot once a month to keep me healthy and I am great. I love people and am raring to go to a new family. When I came to MACSPRO I was only 33 lbs and my skin looked really bad from the deficiency. Now I weigh 53 lbs and look fantastic. Please come meet me, I am worth it. You can�t help but love me.

UPDATE: It's a good winter for Sedona. He has a new forever home to keep him warm. (2/2010)

Hey all, I have been in a foster home with two other dogs and my foster parents say I am the most fantastic dog. They would love to keep me but they just don�t have room. I have been working to learn clicker training and have caught on amazingly quickly., I love everyone and am happy and fun to be with and would love to find a permanent home. My foster family would be very sad to see me go but want me to be with my forever home. Please consider come meeting me, you can�t help but love me.

UPDATE: It's a good winter for Chip. He has a new forever home to keep him warm. (2/2010)

Brad is a chocolate male, 1 year of age. He gets along with children and most dogs. He is full of energy and loves to run and play but can also be a couch potato.

UPDATE: It's a good winter for Brad. He has a new forever home to keep him warm. (2/2010)

Hi! My name is Lily. I am a young female "flowered" Shar-Pei. I just came in from a stressful family situation and have lost a lot of weight. Right now I only weigh 29 pounds and should weigh about eight to ten pounds more so as you can tell I am a small Pei. But I am a happy, healthy gal with a tail that wags all the time and am eating lots of food.

UPDATE: What's not to love about a pei who looks like a cow? Lily found her new grazin' land. (1/2010)

As you can see I am a good looking fella. I am 2 years old and my name is Pops. I am big and strong and healthy. I haven�t been around other dogs much but don�t seem to have any problems with them. My owners gave me up since they didn�t have time for me. I would love to find a permanent family who can love and take care of me.

UPDATE: Pops found his way to one of the MACSPRO long time supporters. (11/2009)

Hola! Lola has just arrived from Puerto Rico. She is three years old, very affectionate and a little frighten as this is the first time she has been without her family since she was born. Please give Lola a chance at a new life with her own family. A little Spanish would be helpful! Habla espanol?

UPDATE: Little Lola has found her forever home. (10/2009)

Hi, my name is Ribbon. I am a shy, quite little gal but I love affection and attention. I will always carry a bullet around next to my spine but that doesn't stop me from wagging my tail so hard that my whole body shakes. I don't understand why anyone would shot me but I still love everyone anyway.

UPDATE: Ribbon has gone down south to Atlanta, Georgia to be with her new forever family. (9/2009)

Koko is a young female who has had a hard time adjusting to being away from her family. She is warming up and coming around and likes to play with toys. She likes other dogs and children and is about 3.

UPDATE: Koko has found her new forever home. (9/2009)

Sheba   Sheba
Sheba is about 3 years old and came to MACSPRO with a skin problem. After some testing we discovered she has low thyroid. Now that she is on thyroid medicine her coat is beautiful and she is a wonderful dog. She loves kisses and people and is a very social little girl. Sheba will need to take thyroid medicine the rest of her life but it is not expensive and she is worth it. She will make some family a great addition. Sheba is selective about the other dogs in her family so we would need to test them out. Give her a chance � come meet her and fall in love!

UPDATE: Sheba is now called Micah and she is living with a long time Shar-Pei lover in South Carolina!(8/2009)

Hi! I am strong, intelligent, young and most handsome. I have been neutered and had all of my health work. I get along with most dogs and love to give kisses. Come and see me and I'll give you a kiss.

UPDATE: Dexter found a wonderful new forever home and is wagging his tail all the way!(8/2009)

Hi, my name is Sugar and I am just as sweet as my name. I am a healthy gal found in West Virginia who is current on my shots and has just finished heartworm treatment. I get along with children and most dogs. Don't you think I'm a sweetie! Come check me out. You won't be sorry you did.

UPDATE: Sugar, honey honey, she is someone's baby now and she's lovin' it!(8/2009)

Hi, my name is Annie and I am a beautiful cr�me-dilute Shar-Pei. I am approximately 1 year old and I am just like a puppy! I am on the small side at 40lbs, but will not get any bigger. I am very healthy and up-to date on my shots, entropian surgery, spay, and heartworm medicine. I am crate-trained, house-trained, and will do "sit", "shake", and "lay down" for the right treat. I still have my puppy energy, some puppy habits, and need to work on my leash manners, but I love nothing more than prancing around the neighborhood with my foster parents, my pretty head held high and sniffing. I absolutely love running, so if you have a nice fenced-in yard or active lifestyle, I will happily run with you until my blue-black tongue hangs out. I give soft kisses and am friendly to greet strangers, including children of all ages, on walks but am also very protective of my foster parents' home and yard to strangers. I will tolerate rainy walks, toenail clippings, and baths. I needed extra time to warm up to my foster parents, especially my foster daddy, so please understand if I first seem aloof and give me some time to adjust. I am living with Henry right now, but I would thrive being your number one dog. Please consider giving me a forever home.

UPDATE: Annie has reunited with Henry (now Roscoe).(7/2009)

Hi, I am Winter. I am a very young fawn horse coat Pei (less than a year old) but my life has been pretty rough. A nice lady spent 6 long weeks trying to catch me and finally did on a very snowy day in March. I got so cold I finally gave up and got into the crate for shelter. I was very frightened at first but I have come around great. I have had my entropian surgery and spay and the 2nd set of my puppy shots. I do need to put on some more weight but I'll get there. I am very loving and do well with other dogs. I am worth the visit to come meet me. (Forgot to tell you that I am blowing coat so my picture looks a little funny), Hope to see you soon.

UPDATE: Former MACSPRO rescue, Bailey, was lonely so Winter has gone to live with him and they can now keep each other company.(6/2009)

My name is Henry and I was found running with Annie (another MACSPRO dog) in Maryland. I am friendly to people and other dogs and seem to be adjusting to my new surroundings. I just had my entropian, cherry eye and neuter surgery so I am recovering right now but will be ready to go in just a short time. I am very young � maybe a year old.

UPDATE: Another hap-pei story of foster parents falling in love.(4/2009)

My name is Rebel. I am a 2 year old cr�me dilute Shar-Pei. I am a little shy but get along with children, dogs and cats. I am crate trained and do well unsupervised in the house. My owners had to give me up since they can�t afford to take care of me. I miss them but would like a new home and someone to love.

UPDATE: Another hap-pei story of a foster mom falling in love.(4/2009)

Hi y�all. I am from Georgia but recently moved to the DC area and am looking for a new home. Yep, I know I am on a Shar-Pei website but don�t look much like a Shar-Pei (well my face does some and my coat is somewhat like a brush coat Shar-Pei) but I believe I am more like a red retriever. I am only about 8 months old. I weigh about 60 lbs but am still growing. I love everyone and love to play so I need a yard with a fence. I am very smart and already know how to sit. I would make a great family dog and I sure am cute! Please call MACSPRO and make an appointment to meet me!

UPDATE: A couple new to the area went just to take a look at Houdini. They couldn't resist and he went home with them the same day.(3/2009)

My name is Simba. I am an older fella but you can see that I am in good shape. I am the gentlest soul and would love to have a great home. I am living in a foster home right now with 3 other Pei and am very happy but it would be nice to have a home of my own. I have had entropian surgery and my teeth done and am doing pretty good. Please consider adopting me.

UPDATE: Simba's foster family decided that he was having too much fun with their other peis and they with him so they decided to make him a permanent member of the family. (3/2009)

Hi, I am Barkley. I am a Bear coat Shar Pei. I am pretty rare. There are not many of us out there with the extra long coat, so I am special! I am young, very gentle and like people, children and dogs from what my previous owners said. However, my life has been kind of rough. You see I only weigh 28 lbs (I should weigh at 46-50). I am in the hospital right now being checked out. So far I am in amazing health considering that I have been starved. I am eating good but have a little anemia but the doctor�s expect that to be resolved once I gain some weight. I am heartworm negative and will be given my shots once I am a little stronger.

Please consider sponsoring Barkley - he is a sweet and wonderful dog.

UPDATE: Barkley's new family walked in � he went over and stuck to them like Velcro. He looked up and you could tell he wanted to say � �well, when are we leaving?�. (1/2009)

I am a young female, probably just one year old. I am very shy but it only takes me a few minutes for me to warm up to someone. I have had a hard time in my short life and now I want to be the only companion in your life. No dogs, cats or kids - just me to get and give lots of love. I am spayed, up to date on my shots, have had eye surgery and am heartworm negative. I am ready to go to me forever home. Please consider me.

UPDATE: Babe was patient and waited a very long time but look at her now! (10/2008)

Hi, I�m Jaxson. I�m a new member of MACSPRO. They saved me from bad things happening to me. I am about 3 years old. I am a little frightened at first but I passed my personality behavior test with flying colors. Please come meet me and see if I can become a member of your family.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Animal Advocates Walk For Paws event, Jaxson found his new forever family!(10/2008)

Hey, Bruno here. I wanted to tell you about myself so that you will know a little about me. I am in a foster home and my foster parents say I am the greatest dog. I love strangers and other dogs, walking (although I do pull a little � I am working on it), love toys, play fetch and am always interested in what is going on in the house. I am crate trained and love to ride in the car. Overall I am a great catch. Hurry before someone snatches me up. You�ll love me I know. P.S. I can bring my own toys if you don�t have any. Oh yeah, I do have a food allergy but I am doing great on my new food so that problem is solved! No worries.

UPDATE: Bruno is a happy happy boy in his new forever home. Just look at that face!(10/2008)

Hi, my name is Beckham. Yep I love to play. I am housetrained and only just 1 year old. I'm very high energy and need a home with the space to be active. I'm probably too much for children to handle. I would love for someone to adopt me so I can grow up in a home instead of a kennel.

UPDATE: Beckham has moved a bit north and has found his forever home in New Jersey. (9/2008)

Hi, I am Homer. I am a Shar Pei mix (probably a hound of some sort � does that make me a Shound? ) but I am the sweetest guy on the face of the planet. I love everyone, dogs included. I was a stray but someone has kept good care of me. I really would love to have a new family and get settled down and stay a while. I am worth coming to visit and get to know. I�ve had all my shots and am all ready to go.

UPDATE:Homer has his new family and is living in Baltimore. (9/2008)

Hi! My name is Chico and I'm about 3 years old. I am gentle, sweet and love to make new friends. My life goal is to love as many people (or animals) as possible. My life has not been easy. My foster mom took me to the doctor and he found that somebody had shot me with buck shots when I was just a baby. They were lodged in the roof of my mouth. But I've decided not to let that stop me from spreading love to the world. Hmmm, let's see - I love kids, other animals (especially sweet pups like me), food, walks, hugs, naps, parks, kisses - I could go on and on. Because of my past, I still get skittish around men. I am not aggressive and wouldn't hurt a fly - I'm just a little jumpy sometimes. Oh - and here is the deal sealer - I never bark unless someone is at the door! I promise to love you if you just give me a chance. **Although Chico is potty-trained, he does need to be re-trained to stay in a crate when no one is home.

UPDATE:This sweet guy has found his forever home. (8/2008)

Are you seeking a young lovable guy, athletic, exceptionally friendly and wanting a long term relationship? Well, I am your guy. I was found wondering in Fairfax County. The shelter kept me for 6 weeks hoping my owners would show up, but they didn�t. I am in great shape, I like other dogs (they haven�t tested me with cats, yet) and am ready to get to my permanent home. Please consider meeting me. You won�t regret it! I'm a looker!

UPDATE: What can you say -- when you're this much of a sweetheart it doesn't take long to worm your way into someone's heart. Sherman is now living in Silver Spring with some new pei-siblings. (7/2008)

I have been looking for a home for a long time and depending on the kindness of strangers to feed me. I finally have a place to stay with MACSPRO and getting rest and food. I am very content now and they say I have to go to the doctor to be "tutored" but I should be ready for a "forever" home really soon.

UPDATE: Not only did this lucky boy find a home, but he moved in with Midnight in Springfield, VA (6/2008)

Hi, my name is Midnight and I am 8 1/2 months old and just the cutes little girl you've ever seen. I have all my shots, I'm housetrained; I'm good with children; I'm good with dogs and I'm good to go! So come visit me.

UPDATE: This playful, loveable lady is now with her forever home in Springfield, VA (5/2008)

Meet Cady. She is 5 months old has demodex, entropian (surprise) a hernia and overall just hasn�t been taken care of. She is a doll baby.

UPDATE: Cady, now Gizmo, is helping the Pearly-Popes with their grief after losing Scrappy Doo. (5/2008)

Hi, I am Gucci and I am a ball of energy. I would be a great companion for a jogger or someone who likes to walk all day! Yippee, anything outside is good with me! I am in good medical health and probably 5 years old but I'm very young at heart and still have a lot of spunk and love to give. I'm ready to take a chance on you if you'll take a chance on me.

UPDATE: Gucci is now in his new forever home in Baltimore and a very happy fella. (5/2008)

I am such a sweetheart that I have been named Honey. I am under treatment for heartworm now and need to get lots of rest and quality care. Fortunately, I have a foster home where I hope they love me as much as I am loving them. I am keeping my paws crossed that this will be my "forever home".

UPDATE: Honey is now a porud member of the Pollard family in Maryland. (5/2008)

Hi, I was found in Baltimore lost without a home. It�s obvious that I haven�t been on the street for long but my owners never came to get me at the shelter so MACSPRO has saved my life. I am a really sweet girl and MACSPRO has named me Susie. They guess I am about 4 yrs old. Won�t you come meet me?

UPDATE: Suzie went home with her new owner in Reisterstown, MD. (4/2008)

Nina LouNina Lou
I am a very young female and I came in from North Carolina with two bad cherry eyes. My face is a little swollen now since I have had surgery but my eyes are fine now and I can see everything I was missing before. Now all I want to do is run and have someone to play with. Doesn't someone out there want to run and play with me and get lots of love in return?

UPDATE: Nina Lou has a new home with the Johnsons and with Dolce, an earlier MACSPRO rescue. (4/2008)

My name is Laycee. I am an adult and a tiny little girl. I am a sweetie and get along with people and some dogs but I have not been around children and would really like to be your "only child". I like car rides, brushing and treats. My health is good. I don't mind being alone if you have to work and will be waiting to give you kisses when you get home.

UPDATE: I am in my new forever home with a doctor and Alex is my new brother. The nice people at MACSPRO are the ones who made the match between my new mom and Alex, too.(2/2008)

My name is Latte. I am a chocolate female about one year old. I bounce all over the place as I am so happy to be rescued. I am very sweet, get along with children and dogs.

UPDATE: Yippee! A nice man in Maryland is my new Daddy. I am now happy and bouncy in my new forever home. (2/2008)

Hi! I am 9 months old and absolutely beautiful even if I do say so myself. I love everybody! I am a brush coat and my tail wags all the time. I love "doggie day care" where I could hear all the gossip. I would like a "forever" home with another dog to keep me company as I cry when I am lonely. I am neutered, up to date on my shots and heartworm negative.

UPDATE: Happy New Year! Life is good and so is Miles' new home in Bethesda, MD. (1/2008)

Hi, I'm Alex and I'm back at MACSPRO due to a death in my adoptive family. I really want to be in a forever home soon. Please don't let me spend the holidays in the kennel. Could you open you home and your heart to me, even for a little while? I know you would come to love me.

UPDATE: Happy New Year! Alex is starting off the year right in his new forever home in Maryland. (1/2008)

Hey everyone, did you know that November is Adopt a Senior Dog month? Well, I might be seven years old but I still have a lot of love to give. Here are some reasons why you might choose me over a young whippersnapper.

  1. I�m housetrained, YEA!!
  2. I won't chew on your shoes, furniture and pillows
  3. I can focus well to learn
  4. I know what 'no' means
  5. I settle in easily with the 'pack'
  6. I�m very good at giving love
  7. What you see is what you get
  8. I�ll be a faithful companion
  9. I�m calm and leave you time for yourself
  10. I�ll let you get a good night's sleep
Aren�t those 10 good reasons to adopt me? I have had my first heartworm treatment and am doing well.

UPDATE: It is a happy holiday for Benji! He's gone to live in Connecticutt with Wendy in his new wonderful forever home!(12/2007).

AndyBeing Homeless is no fun � Andy
Hi, my name is Andy and my owners were evicted from their home. I thought they were coming back for me. But they never came. I cut my face open trying to get out to get some food and water. I don't know how many days past when finally some neighbors heard my cries for help and some people called "animal control" who came and got me out. I did not get my face attended to until the nice folks from MACSPRO came and took me to Dumfries.

I would really like to have a nice new home where I could by loved and cared for. Could that be you?

UPDATE: Andy's Christmas wish came true! He has a new family! (12/2007).

Hi, I am Wendy and YES! I love hamburgers. I am playful and still very young and am interested in EVERYTHING. Right now I am living in a kennel (the lady who owns it is really really nice to me and I love to kiss her) but I really need to find my permanent home. I�m cute right? How can you resist me? Please please consider adopting me. You won�t regret it. By the way, I was found in the woods but now I am totally well and doing great.

UPDATE: This lovely lady has found a new home in Connecticut. (11/2007).

Hi my name is Max. I am a young Shar Pei from Tennessee. I spent 6 weeks in the kennel there waiting for someone to come pick me up. When the MACSPRO people showed up I was so happy I gave both of the people a big kiss. I traveled in the car from Tennessee and stayed overnight in a hotel. The MACSPRO people said I did a great job in the hotel room except that I hogged the bed (well, I like to cuddle, what can I say). I then spent the weekend at the Robbins� house until I could go to Dumfries and met Simon and Lan Mai and also met Sammy (boy, did he look really really sick). I got along great with everyone and enjoyed playing and running and jumping in the yard. Now I am in Dumfries and need someone to rescue me again. I didn�t do anything wrong, why can�t I be with a family to love me? I promise I will love them.

UPDATE: This shy guy found a great new forever home in Pennsylvannia. (11/2007).

My name is Savannah. I had to come back to the rescue when my owner found out that he is going to have to travel for weeks at a time and there is no one to take care of me. My owner is really sad because he loves me. I love people. Please help me. I don�t want to go back to the kennel.

UPDATE: This lovely lady has moved north to Massachusetts (11/2007).

-Single young female (SYF)
Love playmates and good in a group. Love to play and take walks. I'm little shy at first but quick to warm up. I am very affectionate and really love to have my belly rubbed. Come meet me. You won't be sorry -- I'm worth it!

UPDATE: This shy young female found herself some loving men who took her up on her offer to meet with her and now they make a happy family (9/2007).

I am only 8 months old and my name is Gansu (pronounced Johnsu) and I love everyone, including dogs, people and kids. I have had all my shots and am spayed and would love to get to my permanent family. All this traveling (I was found in Ohio) is tiring although I did fantastic in the car. Please please come adopt me so that I can have a permanent home.

UPDATE: Gansu is yet another pei who wormed her way into the hearts of her foster parents. (9/2007)

My name is Nanjing (that is a province in China I am told) and I am only 10 months old. As you can see from my pictures I need a lot of love and care. I am at least 20 lbs underweight. Please adopt me. I am full of love and affection and do fine with other dogs. I would love a new family.

UPDATE: Another one bites the dust and has decided to stay with the foster parents.(9/07)

My name is Sophie. Yes, I know my name is French but I am Chinese through and through. I have a passion for playing and love people. I am totally over my heartworm and am full of energy and looking for a new home. Please consider adopting me. I might even cook you a Chinese dinner or two. My specialties are Chow �woof� mein and Moo Goo Pei.

UPDATE: The best of all world's for Sophie: she has a wonderful forever home that is with one of her puppies.(9/07)

Sammy is a sweet, timid but loving black brush coat. Since he was found wandering in D.C. he has begun to come out of his shell but a kennel is no place for a timid loving pei. If you can't adopt Sammy, he would really appreciate a foster home.

UPDATE: Sammy just couldn't leave his foster home and they just couldn't let him go. (8/07)

Lan MaiLan Mai
Hi, my name is Lan Mai (Lan means orchid in Chinese). I am about 2 years old and traveled two days in a car transport to come all the way from Mississippi. I am being fostered so I don�t have to live in the kennel while I am going through my heartworm treatment. I love other dogs and get along with everyone. Won�t you love me?

UPDATE: And once again a Pei has won over their Foster Parents! (8/07)

I'm a sweet young male who came into the Baltimore shelter with a micro-chip. My owners moved but forgot to update the micro chip information and so we can't find my family. I am friendly with everyone and just so happy to be off of the street. I don't have any problems with other dogs. and would love to go home with you.

UPDATE: Manny wormed his way into the hearts of a couple who have long loved Shar-Peis (8/07)

Someone treated me very badly and now I am a little shy and terribly hungry. I like children and love to look out the window when going for car rides. I am very well behaved and don't understand how anyone could be mean to me. I need a forever home where someone will give me the love I need to made me feel good about the world again.

UPDATE: "Take me home, country roads..." I'm living in my new forever home in West Virginia! (7/07)

Hi, my name is Taffy. I am only about a year old and am so sweet. The night I showed up at the rescue lady�s house, I sat beside her and kissed her and cuddled up to her. I was afraid but she made me feel safe. I have been spayed and have all my shots and am ready to go. By the way, I like other dogs and people a lot. I am really cute and mind my manners. Can�t you see that I need a home? The kennel is really lonely.

UPDATE: I found a wonderful man in Oakton, VA to take me to my new forever home. He won't be sorry! (7/07)

Hi. My name is Biscuit. I am 4 months old. A nice lady saved me from my owner putting me out on the street but she can�t keep me. Can you adopt me? I love children and other dogs.

UPDATE: I am now Sparticus! My new family thinks they are the luckiest humans ever to have been lucky enough to make me part of their family! (4/07)

My name is Abby. I am 7 months old and have a broken tibia. I have been operated on and it is healing well but I need a nice family to adopt me and take care of me. If you could, could you donate a few dollars to help pay for my surgery? The nice rescue people took me in and did surgery on me, but it cost them a lot. I would really appreciate it.

UPDATE: Abby went to be fostered and wormed her way into their hearts. So, she now has her new forever home with a big yard and three other Pei-mates. (4/07)

Hi, my name is Isabella. I am about 2 years old and love everyone. My previous owners did not have entropian surgery done on my eyes so I don't see very well. MACSPRO is going to have my eyes worked on to help me out. I am a small girl, I only weigh 38 lbs. At first I am a little skittish around other dogs since I can't see them very well. I really need a home. The kennel is ok, but I would rather be in a nice warm home, playing with some kids.

UPDATE: Isabella went to be fostered and wormed her way into their hearts. So, she now has her new forever home. (4/07)

I'm a fun loving, goofy young guy (only 7 months old) looking for a new home. My owners brought me to the shelter because I have some allergy and skin problems. I just need to eat some good food and get some supplements for my coat and then I will be all good again. I am a playful young fellow who is lots of fun, and is looking for a home where I will get lots of attention and playtime. I get along with other dogs too but cats challenge me a little.

UPDATE: Caleb's foster dad decided to make it a permanent arrangement. Good news for both of them! (3/07)

Ola, my name is Gordo. I am from Bolivia but came here to the states to live. My owner had to leave to go back home and couldn't take me with him. I am only a year old, like other dogs and kids and really would like to have a forever home. Won't you consider adopting me?

UPDATE: Gordo has moved to Woodbridge, VA with his new mommy. (3/07)

I am a 13 month old mink colored Shar-Pei. My name is Alex. I am as sweet as can be. I was found in a ditch in N.C. where I layed for 2 days with a fractured pelvis and a dislocated hip. A rescue group finally picked me up and took me to the hospital. I am recuperating from my injuries but will be good as new soon. I need a loving family to take care of me and love me since my original owner wouldn't claim me after I was hit. Please give me a permanent home so that I can get the love I need.

UPDATE: Alex has moved to Sterling, VA with his new mommy. (2/07)

My name is Chloe. I love to play. I like children and most other dogs. I ride well in cars. I was so glad to get out of the shelter to a nice quite car that I fell asleep and slept all the way to Dumfries. I can't understand why my family gave me up, knowing that in a shelter I might be killed. I never caused any trouble and would love to find a forever home. I'll even sleep and wait while you go to work.

UPDATE: Chloe has moved with her new family to McKeesport, PA

I arrived at the shelter wearing my red bandana. My family loved me very much but I don't know what happened to them and no one has been able to find them for me. I'm a grown-up so I pose no usual puppy issues and can fit right in with any family. I'm very good with people and dogs. I'm dressed in red for Christmas and ready to go home with you.

UPDATE: He is going to live with, mom, dad, 2 children, one Pei and hopefully a cat in Maryland.

Hi, my name is Halle. I am a young female from West Virginia. My owners moved and "forgot" to take me. So I roamed around the neighborhood waiting for them to come back but they never did. I don't understand why they left me as I am a beautiful gal (if I do say so myself), I am a little shy but get along with people, children and dogs. I can't remember if I knew any cats but I am sure I could learn to like them if my new family has a cat. Are you my new family?

UPDATE: Halle has gone to live with her new forever family in Pennsylvania.

My owner is dying of cancer and can no longer keep me. I don't want to leave her but I must find a new home. Can you help? I'm only three years old and have many years of love to give. I am shy but very well mannered. I get along with most anyone and love to walk and investigate everything.

UPDATE: Shadow was adopted by a family with another dog and a cat.

Hi, I was named Pumpkin because I came in on Halloween and my big fat meat mouth makes me look a little like a pumpkin. I am a young female, well trained and get along with the five other dogs at my foster home. I am in good health and looking for a new forever home. As good as I am, my foster Mom is wondering if someone isn't missing me very much.

UPDATE: Pumpkin was adopted by a young man and his mother from PA. They have a fenced yard and lots of room to run and play. They seem very happy together (and the foster mom is crying as she was really taken with Pumpkin).

I'm one year old and was found in Prince George's County, MD. As you can see, I'm just as cute as I can be. I'm on the look out for a forever home. Would you like to take me in? I promise to be a forever pal! I have been neutered and had eye surgery, all shots, heartworm negative. I am friendly, well adjusted to people and ready to go!

UPDATE: Homer has been adopted and is living with a family in VA. with a boxer and they have become fast friends.

Miss ShadowMiss Shadow
I've spent at least 7 weeks out on the streets on my own before I was captured. I had been camped out on the front lawn of a very nice lady who refused to let her husband call animal control. My ears, coat, and morale were in poor condition but otherwise I was in perfect health - no worms, mange or heartworm. My ear infection was so bad that I didn't want anyone come near my head for the first few days. The infection was gone in a week and I now romp and play with all my foster siblings. I even take particular care not to step on the 3-lb chihuahua puppy! I willingly let my foster mom bathe me, clean my ears and examine my teeth. I am due to be spayed on Sept. 29. I am good with other dogs, I tolerate cats and I'm good with children. I love to play with my dog toys and will even chase a tennis ball on occasion. Won't you take me home with you?

UPDATE: Miss Shadow has found a wonderful home with a vet and future vet in North Carolina where she is sure to get all the love and care she deserves. It was love at first sight.

Hi, my name is Dolce and I'm only 8 months old. I'm a light black color female who is overly friendly to all people and is a very lovable and social dog.

UPDATE: Dolce has found a wonderful couple who just lost their beloved Sophie. They are all full of love and ready to accept Dolce into their hearts and home.

I am a 3 year old male who was abandoned at a veterinary office in June. I get along well with most dogs and love people and even though everyone people are paying attention to me, I am very lonely.

UPDATE: Rumor had it that Wylbur was less than friendly. Well, he debunked the rumors and fell in love with a family from Washington. They fell in love with him as well.

I'm a purebred, 13 weeks old guy and looking for a home. I'm healthy, current with all my shots, and I'm a puppy! What's not to love?

UPDATE: Tinkle has adopted a family with another pei who was looking for a friend.

I'm cute, I'm young, I'm friendly, and I'm a Pei -- what more could you want is a companion? I'm good with other dogs and with people, too. I'm a black, male, brush coat looking for a home. Whaddya say?

UPDATE: Atlas found a home with a family in Hagerstown. What more could you want?

My name is China and I am between one and two years old. I am very gentle, good with kids and most other dogs. I am told that I have a beautiful smooth coat and everyone at the kennel loves to pet me and play with me. But I want a forever home. Please come and visit with me, I know you will want to take me home.

UPDATE: China has moved to Hollywood! Hollywood, MD, that is!

I haven't spent much time being socialized in my life and so am still very shy. But I love and trust people - right now I am overwhelmed by noise and crowds. I am being socialized by sitting out and just being pet by people. Won't you come and sit with me some weekend?

UPDATE: A wonderful lady who works at Dumfries says I'm the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. She took me home to stay!

I am the sweetest, happiest girl you've ever seen -- just ask anyone at Dumfries where I'm staying and they'll tell you. I want love love love! and I'll come right up to you to get it. I'm gonna make you the best darn pet you've ever seen! Give me a chance and I'll prove it. My look is what is known as the "Down Homes" version of the original Chinese Shar-Pei.

UPDATE: We knew it would take long before Penny convinced a family that they had to have her kisses!

I'm a very handsome fawn colored fella who is well behaved, well adjusted and gets along with everyone. I walk well on a leash and I love to check out everything. I love to run with you on aleash and I sit very nicely on command. I'd love to go home with you if you'll let me.

UPDATE: Remi found and wonderful new home in Maryland.

I am a young female, approximately 7 to 8 months old. I have the softest coat you've ever felt and I love to be stroked and petted. I give lots of kisses and simply love being around people. I smile a lot too. I'm dog friendly, too, but do require that I eat alone as I have missed a lot of meals and am quite concerned that some other dog might want my food.

UPDATE: Leigh has gone to live with a Shar-Pei mix in Salisbury, MD. She was excited to have someone to play with and she brightened up immediately when she met "Scooter".

Hey!, I'm still here! I'm waiting for someone who likes to walk to come and get attached to the other end of my leash. I'm healthy and learning to love after being tied up in a yard by myself for what seems like a long time.

UPDATE: Barkley is now the darling of a condominium in North Carolina. This has shown that a dog who has had little or no contact with people, being tied up in a yard all the time, can thrive and respond to love. A dog that would pay no attention to people is now kissing everyone who speaks to him.

I came in with Rosa Lee and we might be littermates -- I am not even one year old. We get along just fine except at food time when she wants to eat my dinner and hers too. I can't understand why anyone would desert me -- I just want to lean against you and have you rub me all over in exchange for kisses, big wet kisses. I act just like the youngster that I am! Want to play?

UPDATE: Jeb was adopted by a wonderful family in PA. He is going to live in a house that already has another Pei, a cat and two kids. Jeb tells us that he is really looking forward to getting to know his new family.

I am still waiting for my forever home. I am very affectionate when I get to know you (which only takes a few minutes) and love to go for walks. I want to be an only dog right now but am getting better about being around other dogs. I walk right past other dogs just to be with one of my MACSPRO friends. I come with my own toy and bone - won't someone out there come and love me?

UPDATE: Arthur found himself a home where he can be an only child and go out with his new parent searching for Civil War treasures!

Hi, my name is Parker. I am a meat mouth fawn Shar Pei and love people and other dogs. I have to have some eye surgery to help me to see since my previous owners did not take care of my eyes. I have a good disposition but don't like to be put in a crate. Please consider giving me a home.

UPDATE: It seems that Parker has the very unusual talent of getting along with Simon, the foster parents' "problem child". Thus, they just had to make him a permanent member of the family!

Hi, my name is Niko. They tell me that I am a cr�me dilute Shar Pei. I love people and other dogs and love to play. I am a very sweet dog and even sit on command and don't go to the bathroom in the house. I don't know exactly how old I am maybe 1-2 years old. My previous owners kept a harness on me all the time that was too tight and it has irritated my skin, but the doctors are fixing me up. I would love for a nice family to adopt me. I even come with my own blanket.

UPDATE: Niko has been such a sweet boy that someone decided he just had to have a new forever home!

My name is Fannie. I was found in Prince George's County.

UPDATE: Fanny is now sisiter to Spike the Wonder Dog and loving life!

My name is Manny and I love EVERYONE. I haven't met you but I already love you. I was found wandering in MD. with my buddy Shannon. I am full of kisses and when I get excited, my tail goes around like a propeller.

UPDATE: Manny gets to continue to play with Shannon at a great farm in Pennsylvania!

My name is Shannon and I am such a playful and curious guy that I can hardly pose for my picture. I stuck with my buddy Manny through thick and mostly thin, but we understand that we may not find a forever home together.

UPDATE: Shannon gets to continue to play with Manny at a great farm in Pennsylvania!

My name is Edison. They tell me I am a rare SharPei as I am a "blue". But I think I look like a little gray storm cloud. I was found in VA and was kept in I.C.U. to evaluate my health status. I have come thru with flying colors and am ready for a forever home.

UPDATE: Eddie has gone to a home with a great deal of experience with SharPei who recently lost one of their own.

George WrinklesGeorge Wrinkles
Hi, my name is George Wrinkles. I am five months old. I went to "camp" last weekend with seven other dogs and had a wonderful time. I get on great with everyone. I have a slight food agression problem as I never seem to get enough to eat. We are working on that now. I am fine when I am given food and when the bowl is taken away from me after I finish. I just growl a little if someone trys to pull me away before I am finished (I bet you would do that, too!). But I have never bit anyone - I just complain. I would love to be with someone who has time to walk and play with me. I am being fostered in Massachusetts.

UPDATE: George Wrinkles has gone to live with a young family in Maryland where he has children to play with.

I am a gentle, dignified girl who knows sit and down. I am very pleasant to take for a walk on a leash. I am a calm and well-mannered sweetheart is sure to make a wonderful addition to your family. I'm good with children and other dogs and I am up to date with routine shots.

UPDATE: Darlene has gone to live with a young family in Maryland where he has a little boy as a playmate.

I am a two year old cream dilute Shar-pei. I'm good natured but a little apprehensive at first around men since I've been used to living with a lady. My shots are up to date and I am on heartworm and flea and tick control. I weigh about 45lbs and looking for a new home. Would you consider fostering me if you don't feel you can adopt me?

UPDATE: Thai found an owner in need and now they have each other!

I am a two year old fawn Shar-pei. I'm a liitle bit smaller than my brother, Thai, and weigh about 40lbs. I am a very loving dog with lots of love to give! My shots are up to date and I am on heartworm and flea and tick control. I would be especially happy if I could stay with my brother, Thai. Would you consider fostering me if you don't feel you can adopt me?

UPDATE: Chi's owner learned that she was able to keep Chi is her new home so Chi is back where he belongs!

I'm a 1½ year old, fawn brush coat. I get along well with children and most dogs. I have been exposed to many people and have had no problem. My skin and eyes look great.

UPDATE: A nice lady in Virginia has decided to be best pals with Zippers in her home.


Hi, my name is Honey. A local Virginia shelter found me running around with no home. Since I can't find my old home won't you give me a new one? I am presently on vacation in a doggie hotel. It's nice but I miss having my own family. I had a dream the other night that a nice family came to the doggie hotel and picked me to take home with them. It was a really nice dream. I woke up with a big smile on my face. Please make my dream come true and adopt me. I get along well with children and most dogs. I have been exposed to many people and have had no problem.

UPDATE: Some nice people in Virginia took Honey home to join their happy family.

I am a two year old creme dilute Shar-pei. I am very calm and good with children of all ages and does not have any problems with other dogs. I weigh 42lbs. and am up to date on shots and the shelter will only keep me for two weeks! Please help!

UPDATE: Babe made it to a new home before the shelter knew what hit them!

Yanni is an adult Bear coat male who thinks he is a puppy. He loves to run and play. He is good with people but his main interest now is getting out of the kennel and having someone to run and play with again. Give him a chance and have someone to go jogging with (when it's not too hot).

UPDATE: Yanni has gone to his new forever home.

Hi, my name is Baby. I am not a purebred female Shar-Pei but I am such a sweet loving gal that I don't think it really matters. In fact I think it makes me more diverse! One day I decided to take the tourist tour of downtown D.C. It was fun but all the traffic frightened me so I was glad when the nice folks at Rescue came to get me. I have been treated for heartworm and doing well. I've been living in a foster home with a Shar-Pei and a Springer Spaniel, but it's been so long since I've really known a loving family that I want to be very possessive of my foster mom and dad. I would be much happier if someone could just let me know that I'm the only peibie in the house! How about your house?

UPDATE: Baby has gone to Clarion, PA to live with a gentleman who has no other pets, children or companions. We are hoping that they will become "best buds."

Shadow is probably between 9 months and 1 year old. He is great around people and he is initially very shy around other dogs but seems to get along well. He is very loving but very shy now. He wants someone to show him some attention and love him. He needs to know that. He will bloom like a flower once he feels sure of himself. Please help Shadow.

UPDATE: Shadow has bloomed into his new forever home!

I've lived my entire young life in crates and yet I am a sweet, loving dog just looking for a face to kiss - just look at my picture. I was rescued as an abuse case -- I didn't know that being left in a crate wasn't the way a dog should really live. Now I would love to experience a life of love and home. I am fawn colored.

UPDATE: Della foster family decided she just had to stay so that is now her forever home.

My name is Sheba and I am a very shy little sable colored shar-pei with fawn coloring on my head. My foster mom says I'm the nicest Pei she has ever seen. She says I'm affectionate, extremely intelligent, well behaved and obedient. I like to wag my tail when I see familiar faces and I am not aggressive, so if you choose me, I will be all yours forever! I am not very big, weighing about 40 lbs. I also love to go for long walks and can jog with the best of them. I do well in a crate or left out in the house during the day. I respond so well to love and kindness.

UPDATE: Sheba has found a wonderful new home in Lakeridge, VA.

I'm a saddleback adult female and a real sweetheart. My mom adopted me a couple of years ago and she loves me very much but her allergies wouldn't allow for her to keep me. So I need a new forever home. I get along with children, dogs, cats, you name it.

UPDATE: Sammie has been adopted to a home with a nine year old girl and two cats. Everyone seems very happy.

Burt is an adult who came to us needing serious help. He had a severe case of Sarcoptic Mange. This is very contagious and he had to be kept in isolation, which is very costly. It has taken several weeks of treatments and a very kind and generous volunteer Jeannie Johnson, but Burt has come a long way. But despite everything he has been through, he inever stopped wagging his tail and giving kisses to everyone. We guess he is just so glad that someone is caring for him when most people wanted to put him down. He has been gaining about a pound a week and is getting back to his normal weight. His hair is growing back, as you can see by the pictures. He gets along with other dogs and is ready for a new forever home.

UPDATE: Burt has been adopted and is in a wonderful new home!

I lost a leg in an automobile accident but I don't even notice it. I run, play, and jump into the car for a ride. I am affectionate and need a forever home. At my present home, my family's work schedule has changed and I am confined for up to 10 hours a day. I don't mind staying home while my "parents" work, but I really need some space. Please consider giving a home to a dog that does not know that he is disabled.

UPDATE: Chance has been adopted by a wonderful family.


UPDATE: Alfie and Bailey were adopted in November and are going to live together in Upper Marlboro MD. They were delighted to go together.


UPDATE: Alfie and Bailey were adopted in November and are going to live together in Upper Marlboro MD. They were delighted to go together.

I've lived my entire young life in a crate and yet I am a sweet loving dog just looking for a face to kiss. I was rescued as an abuse case -- I didn't know that being left in a crate wasn't the way a dog should really live. Now I would love to experience a life of love and home. I am a fawn colored male.

UPDATE: Slinky is going to live in New Jersey on 6 acres with lots of female dog friends. He was extremely shy and carried his tail between his legs. But he seemed to understand that he was going to his forever home and the tail went up for the first time since we got him as he climbed in the car for his trip home. (10/04)

I've lived my entire young life in a crate and yet I am a sweet loving dog just looking for a face to kiss. I was rescued as an abuse case -- I didn't know that being left in a crate wasn't the way a dog should really live. Now I would love to experience a life of love and home. I am a fawn colored male.

UPDATE: Sam has been adopted to a family in Rockville, MD. He has adapted well and the only problem is that he pulls on the leash as he is so happy to get out. But he was easy at housebreaking and has been ridding in the car and going to the pet store. (10/04)

I may be an older guy but I am full of energy, very strong and so responsive when someone pays attention to me. I can stay home without being crated and never touch a thing. I love to go for car rides and get excited when I see other dogs, so I am being trained to walk without pulling. I am really a lover who needs a strong person to work with me in return for kisses.

UPDATE: Well for an old guy I just sailed over the 4' fence to go investigate the neighbors. Now there is a 6' fence and I have several people who walk me everyday even though I have a really big yard. I love to curl up in my comfy bed or set on the front stairs and watch the world go by. I love to go for car rides and I purr like a kitten when my ears get rubbed. Life is good and if I could talk I would tell everyone not to throw an old guy away. There is still a lot of fun and love left to give and enjoy in an older dog. (10/04)

I'm a meat mouth male so chocolate that I'm almost black. I have a beautiful coat. I am about one year old and extremely playful and curious. I want so badly to get out of the kennel to be with people. I like most dogs and want to play with them. I'm looking for a human playmate who is full of energy and love.

UPDATE: Nickie is moving to Blowing Rock, NC. He will be living on a mountain near a large park with a dog friend named Penny. (9/04)

I am a young female from Maryland. I am a happy girl even though I am having trouble seeing now. The MACSPRO folks are taking me to the eye doctor and they promised to take care of me until I can see to find my forever home.

UPDATE: Donna and I had a competition going as to who would find a forever home first. She won the bet, but I still won, because I have a wonderful new home. (7/04)

I came from West Virginia. They think I am only about 7 months old. I get along with just about everybody. I know that I need some surgery and a good bath. But then I will be ready for my forever home.

UPDATE: I was just too good looking and too lovable. My new mom and dad couldn't stand it - they had to take me home. (7/04)

Lady and TrampLady and Tramp
Both hit the road together and wouldn't leave each other. They were found in Hanover, Maryland. They would love to stay together but it is more important that they get a forever home. They are young adults and are coming in for their health evaluations. If you are interested in a male and female pair (neutered and spayed, of course), please contact us.

UPDATE: Lady and Tramp got to stay together and are living at the ocean in Hilton Head Island, SC. They are investigating the beach and new surroundings every day! (6/04)

I am a chocolate female who just arrived and is cruising for a new forever home.

UPDATE: Angela is now in her new forever home in Pennsylvania with four cats! (6/04)

Lucky JoeLucky Joe
I was found tied to a tree where a pit bull was using me for a chew toy. A kind lady rescued me and took me to the Vet where I received over 100 stitches. I was just so happy to be cared for I wagged my tail the whole time! I'm maybe 2 years old and very friendly. I'm in the process of getting all my shots and health testing. My pictures show me with my head shaved down to my shoulders where most of the bites occurred. The attending vet says I'm really worth saving - I think so, too. They called me Lucky (to be saved) and the Vet said he would call me G.I. Joe because I looked like he had been in a battle - hence, the name Lucky Joe.

Please help! You've never seen a happier fella. You'd never believe he'd been through so much trauma, but we need your help. His medical bills have added to over $800 so far. He had over 100 bites followed by a severe abcess and a lengthy vet stay where he received wonderful loving care from the staff at Vinson Animal Hospital in Towson, MD. As a volunteer operation, we look to you for any help you can provide in the name of Lucky Joe.
UPDATE: I don't know any better than to wag my tail and be happier than a pig in mud! That kind of positive attitude landed me a home with a new family included another pup to play with! (6/04)

My owner fell on hard times and now I have no home to call my own. I'm about 2 years old, very energetic and I love to run and walk. I am longing for a new owner who will love me and do things like walk, jog, hike. Do you need a jogging companion?

UPDATE: I found an owner that likes to run and walk and jog and hike. We're a match made in heaven. (6/04)

I'm a little guy - only about a year old. I was found wandering the beach in Puerto Rico. I went for a vacation and forgot to get plane ticket back! I loved the beach but I got tired of eating fish. I'm ready to settle down in a new forever home. Can you help?

UPDATE: Guess what?! I'm a Marine! My new mom and dad are Marines and we are all going to move to California. What can I say - I love the coast! (5/04)

My name is George and my owner had to give me up. I am 3 years old and very gentle and friendly. My rescuers don't know too much more about me and my health is currently being evaluated by their doctors. Please help me find a "forever" home.

UPDATE: George went home today to a big home in Washington, D.C. with a gentlemen who works at home much of the week. Besides his new "parent", he will be living with two cats that are trained to "come", "sit" and "fetch" - now if they can only teach that to George! (4/04)

I'm a sweet and loving guy who somehow got missplaced. I was found wandering around looking for a forever home with a family I can love. The good people at MACSPRO said they would take me in and put out my picture so you could see how handsome I was and maybe you would be willing to take me to a new forever home.

UPDATE: You may remember me telling you about the wonderful man who found me wandering around looking for a new forever home. Well, he decided to give me that forever home himself! (4/04)

It was a very very sad time for me. I had a wonderful owner but she left me. She didn't want to, but she had to go to heaven and then I was alone. Then it got better because a nice lady adopted me and my sister! Life was great! But now, the nice lady has to have an operation and she won't be able to take care of us. We can't take care of ourselves. I need a family or an owner. Can you help?

I am a 2 to 2 ½ years old very rare "flowered" Shar-Pei male being two distinct shades of black and gray and a real sweet guy!

UPDATE: I am having the best possible Easter ever! Some wonderful wonderful people came and got not just me but my sister Lola, too! (4/04)

My brother and I first lost our owner when she left us for heaven. We were so lucky to ultimately stay together when a nice lady adopted us and gave us a loving home. But now, the nice lady has to have an operation that will mean she won't be able to take care of us any more. Can you help? Can you give me a loving home? I promise you'll love me!

I am 2 to 2 ½ years old.

UPDATE: I am having the best possible Easter ever! Some wonderful wonderful people cam and got not just me but my brother Peabody too! (4/04)

Bilbo BagginsBilbo Baggins
They don't know much about me. I've been on the road - a stray is what they call me. I'm about one year old, fawn male with the sweetest disposition you've ever seen. I was found and rescued in Maryland and currently residing at Dumfries just waiting for you to come visit me. Maybe then I can convince you to take me home with you.

UPDATE: I got my eyes operated on and I picked up a little weight and I got so darn cute my new family just had to take me home! (3/04)

I'm only 7 months old - still a baby, really. I'm up to date with my shots and just as sweet as I can be. As you can see I'm one of those less often seen bear coats. If you would come visit me I'm sure I can convince you to take me home with you!

UPDATE: I got my eyes operated on. I got myself neutered and now I'm better than ever (and I was pretty good to start with!). I'm so good that a family came and took me to my new forever home. (3/04)

My name is Niko. I am young and very friendly. I came from North Carolina where the shelter people fell so in love with me that they saved my life and drove me almost all the way to MACSPRO. I am currently being evaluated by the medical staff but they say I appear to be very healthy. I am willing to meet with you and see if it is "love at first sight".

UPDATE: I'm a happy boy once again! I have a new home and a new family. Life doesn't get any better than this! (2/04)

Black JackBlack Jack
I'm still just a kid - only about five months old. I was found in Montgomery County looking for a home. Since I've been fending for myself I'm pretty thin and they say I may need some work on my eyes. I am a sweet and gentle boy. I'm house broken and have been "fixed" and they tell me I have a very nice coat. You come play with me and see just how nice my coat is!

UPDATE: Black Jack has moved to the hills of Pennsylvania with his new forever family. (2/04)

I'm four years old and I get along with just about everyone and everything - so why did my owners give me up? Well, they did not take care of me and at the point I was almost blind they threw me away. Well, I went to an eye specialist and have had extensive eye surgery and immediately after surgery I could see even the smallest movement. It appears my vision will be almost 100%. If you are looking for a quite, well trained dog, won't you please come and visit me?

UPDATE: Not only can Dudley now see thanks to surgery but he found a new forever home where he can live happily ever after! (2/04)

I am a 3 year old, chocolate, neutered male. My Mom couldn't keep me because of her allergies. I am a very sweet little boy who is just a little bit anxious at my new situation and I long for human affection. My coat is in great shape, and I've been told I could be on a Greeting card!

UPDATE: Luray has moved to Maryland and is happy is his new forever home. The family seems to be pretty happy with him, too. (2/04)

I am a special needs boy. I'm 7 months old and hadn't received medical care I needed until MACSPRO came and got me. The doctor says I'm going blind with Entropian and Cherry Eye, and I have something called Subluxated Patela. That means I need to have my knees operated on. If that wasn't enough I was born with two extra dew claws on my back feet. They say all this needed care is expensive. I heard someone say $2,000 for eye surgery and upwards to $2,500 for leg surgery. I have a wonderful disposition and will make a wonderful member of a family some day when I get all fixed up and am ready for adoption, but in order to get me ready for that day, the folks at MACSPRO asked me to ask you if you can help by contributing towards the medical bills.

UPDATE: Due to the long term care that must be provided to Toad, the foster family has become so attached to him that they are willing to take on the responsibility and give Toad a forever home. (2/04)

A breeder did not want to spend the money to have my eyes done so I was relegated to a chain in the back yard - even in this very cold weather. I am finally in a warm place with MACSPRO and undergoing medical treatment. I am 20 pounds underweight and have possible permanent partial vision loss. But I am loving, friendly, get along with dogs and children and have a foster home waiting after my surgery. Would you consider being a Guardian Angel for me and helping with his medical expenses?

UPDATE: I got all comfy in a foster home and guess what?! My wonderful foster dad decided we needed to be a forever family! (1/04)

I am a beautiful brush coat fawn male. I'm about four years old and a very nice boy but there's "no room at the inn" as they say and I need a new home. I'm an easy going guy who gets around great on three legs and who would love to have someone to love. Can you help?

Note: He is very active and able to get around well. He jumps in and out of the car and can run all over the place. He does not like cats and since he lost his leg in an auto accident (no he wasn't driving), he does not care for small children. He will not bite them but will "nip" at them to tell them to stay away from him. Perhaps it was a small child that was driving the car the hit him.

UPDATE: I got all comfy in a foster home and guess what?! My wonderful foster dad decided we needed to be a forever family! (1/04)

Hello, I am only 4 weeks old and a breeder sold me to pay bills. I should never have left my mom this soon. The lady who bought me took me home and her big dog tried to eat me. I don't understand why all this is happening to me. The Vet Techs named me "Grant" because rescue people had to pay $50.00 to save me. I have to have some minor surgery and get some TLC before I can go to my "forever" home.

UPDATE: I'm comfy in a foster home where I need to stay for a few more weeks until I get a little bit bigger but then I go to my new home! My new family come by a play with me every night! (1/04)

I am what they call "a first baby give up". My folks had a baby and kicked me out. I am only one year old. I like children, most other dogs and love to play. I don't understand why I am in a kennel when there are so many leaves to chase and people to play with. Why don't you come and play with me and perhaps take me to a forever home. People say I am really a beautiful boy.

UPDATE: Well, I believe in Santa! I got my Christmas wish. I have a new forever home in South Carolina (12/03)

It is a very very sad time for me. I had a wonderful owner but she left me. She didn't want to, but she had to go to heaven and now I'm all alone. I couldn't stay by myself. I need a family or an owner. Can you help? I am a 1 to 1 ½ years old spotted male and a real sweet guy!

UPDATE: Well, guess what? I'm back with my sister!! The wonderful lady who adopted Lola came and got me too! (12/03)

I'm Belle and a very sweet girl. The lady at the shelter loved me. They were sad to see me go. They think I about five years old and as a more mature girl I guess I've put on a couple of extra pounds. I've been living with small children and and I love them, I do not, however share that love for cats. I can stay by myself 10 hours a day with free run of the house. Would you take me into your heart and your home?

UPDATE: Even a a more mature lady like me can melt hearts. I have found my new home with the Tankersley's. (11/03)