Hap-pei Endings 2014

Niko (#503-14)


Niko Niko Niko Niko

Niko is one of our boys that will be joining us from North Carolina. Niko just made it up to us on May 4th. More details and pictures will be coming soon.

Update: (June 2014) Niko has moved up to New York to his new furever home!

Sunshine (#502-14)


Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine

Sunshine is our 8 month old on her way up from the same part of West Virginia from which Scrappy came. She can be a bit shy but she loves people.

Update: (June 2014) Sunshine is currently being fostered with the intent to adopt.

Tonka (#499-14)


Tonka Tonka Tonka Tonka

Tonka, our gentle blind boy is scared in his new surroundings and misses having a family to be with. He really needs a foster or forever home.

Update:(May 2014) Tonka is now enjoying life in his furever home.

Skittles (#500-14)


Skittles Skittles Tonka

Skittles is a loving dog from Prince Georges County. She gets along great with other dogs and loves attention from people.

Update: (04/2014) Skittles has found her furever home.

Scrappy (#498-14)


Scrappy Scrappy

Scrappy from West Virginia, is recovering from Demodectic (non contagious) mange and really needs a foster or forever home to complete his recovery . His foster mom in West Virginia says he is an awesome dog.

Update: After a few weeks in training, Scrappy is loving life in his new forever home in Washington, DC.

Bella (#474-13)


Bella Bella Bella Bella Bella Bella

Bella, our beautiful girl with some separation anxiety. Bella is a cute girl from Chambersburg, PA was an owner turn in because they moved and were not allowed to keep her in their new home. She is completely house trained, spent much of her time inside. Very gentle, walks nicely on leash. She needs to be spayed, but pretty much ready to go.

We need foster to help her work with her separation anxiety.

Update: Bella is now living in PA in her new furever home (3/2014).

Wilbur (#486-13)


Wilbur Wilbur Wilbur Wilbur

Wilbur absolutely loves spending time with people! He may need lots of time and a slow introduction when dealing with other dogs. His eyes are not the best but he can see when someone is ready to love him.

Update: Wilbur is loving his new furver home.(3/2014)

Opie (#494-14)


Opie Opie Opie

Opie is a playful, neutered male with a beautiful coat. He was picked up as a stray in Virginia. He appears to be 4 to 5 years old. He did well in a play group at the shelter, and does well with handling. He hasn't been with us long, but he has already made it obvious how much he loves treats, and loves affection even more. He knows his "sit" and "down" commands, likes toys, and loves to be petted. He's up-to-date on all his shots. He's being treated for an ear infection, so his ears are a little tender right now, but they will improve with time. He rides well in the car. He is ready to be your best friend immediately!

Update: Opie is back in his furever home after spending some time learning how to share. (3/2014)

Fulton (#467-13)


Fulton Fulton Fulton Fulton

Fulton is very playful with an adorable personality -- happy, energetic and responsive. Come see him. You won't be sorry. He is a loving boy, loves walks, pets and people, although we are not so sure about cats. Fulton is House trained and obedience trained and knows some commands. He has some allergy issues but is a sweet boy who is responding well to meds.

To see more pictures of Fulton, please click here.

Thank you to Peggy Rowland for being Fulton's Guardian Angel!

Update: Fulton is now enjoying his furever home with his former foster parents in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Payton (#495-14)



Payton aka Baloo from Montgomery County, MD found his home in Taneytown, MD (2/2014)

Shivers (#496-14)



Shivers 3 month old pup aka Bonnie, aka Coco found her forever home in Baltimore, MD (2/2014)


Wrinklez (#497-14)



Wrinklez, aka Maggie found her forever home with long time MACSPRO supporters in Ijamsville, MD (2/2014)


Magic (#493-13)



Meet our new pup Magic in from Georgia. She is very cute, gentle, playful and absolutely loves people & other animals. She's only 5 month's old and just a real sweetheart.

Update:(1/2014) Magic has found her furever home with her foster family.

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